Digi Device Cloud Smart Energy ConnectPort X2e and ERT Documentation

Table Of Contents

ERT/Ethernet Gateway

Digi International’s ERT/Ethernet Gateway allows remote reading of ERT-enabled Meters through an Internet connection. Metering data is automatically retrieved from up to 10 configured meters and accessible from anywhere in the world through Device Cloud.

The ERT/Ethernet Gateway presents itself as a virtual ZigBee Smart Energy device, shares a common interface with ConnectPort X2e for Smart Energy products and the ERT/SE Bridge, and is fully supported by Digi X-Grid Smart Energy services.

As a virtual ZigBee Smart Energy device the gateway initially presents itself as a coordinator Range Extender with an ERT Meter Configuration to support configuration of hosted ERT meters.

The gateway also presents an additional Metering Device endpoint with Simple Metering cluster for each hosted ERT Meter.

See Network Diagram.

Getting Started

Perform the Getting Started procedures below to setup an ERT/Ethernet Gateway and begin reading an ERT Meter using provided samples.

Additional Information

Overview describes some of the general concepts used in the ERT/Ethernet Gateway. Keep in mind when reading other sections in this manual that the ERT/Ethernet Gateway uses the SE Framework to create a virtual Smart Energy network sufficient to present an ERT Meter as a Smart Energy Metering Device. Most documentation of the SE Framework is written from the standpoint of an actual Smart Energy network. General principles will apply but certain features may no longer work or may work slightly differently.

Refer to the following sections for additional information on the ERT/Ethernet Gateway.