Digi Device Cloud Smart Energy ConnectPort X2e and ERT Documentation

Table Of Contents

Interface Reference

Documentation of the following interfaces covers basic functionality and parameters of RPC requests and responses.

RPC requests typically have responses with names based on the request names; specifically, “_response” is usually appended. For example, request “RPC_sample” would have response “RPC_sample_response”. Requests and their responses are listed in the same section.

There are also some asynchronous RPC responses which are generated by the gateway, meaning they are not direct responses to RPC requests. The section titles for these responses end in , i.e. “RPC_example”, to indicate that they are response-only.

Parameters for RPC requests and responses are listed as follows:

Parameter Type Description
name type Description of parameter.

If a parameter may be of multiple types, each allowed type is listed.

A parameter in an RPC request may be optional. These parameters have their names followed by * in the table, i.e. “param1*”, to indicate that they are not strictly required. The description will indicate the significance of including or not including the parameter.

A parameter in a response may also be optional, meaning it may or may not be included depending on the context in which the response was generated. As with RPC requests, optional response parameters have their names followed by * in the table.