Digi Device Cloud Smart Energy ConnectPort X2e and ERT Documentation

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Digi-SE Network Tree


This page displays information about a Digi gateway ZigBee network in a tree format.

https://digi-se.appspot.com/netview allows a developer to:


You’ll need a Digi Smart Energy gateway that is connected to Device Cloud. See Devices for more information.

Explore ZigBee network

  1. Go to https://digi-se.appspot.com/netview and select your Digi gateway from the Gateway dropdown (see Gateway Selection).

  2. After a few seconds, a tree should load that contains a node for every device on the ZigBee network. If the tree doesn’t load, make sure that your gateway is connected to Device Cloud and running the Smart Energy Framework.

  3. Each root node represents a physical ZigBee device on the network. The icon next to the device indicates whether the gateway considers the device to be active or not.

  4. You can expand nodes to explore the endpoints and clusters on various devices. If you expand a cluster, all of the attributes will be discovered and then read on that cluster. This may take a little time for clusters with lots of attributes. You have to refresh the page to read the attribute values..