Digi Device Cloud Smart Energy ConnectPort X2e and ERT Documentation

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Digi-SE Overview

This webpage allows a developer to directly communicate with a Digi Smart Energy Gateway. It is meant to be used as a development tool and for debugging issues with Digi Smart Energy Gateways. This webpage is not meant to be used by consumers of products based on a Digi Smart Energy Gateway (see http://www.livesmartlee.com, etc).


  • A Device Cloud account. See https://myaccount.etherios.com/ to create an account.
  • Supported Browsers: IE9+, Firefox x+, Chrome
  • A Digi Smart Energy gateway that has been joined to your Device Cloud account. (See Devices).

Getting Started

  1. Go to https://digi-se.appspot.com. You should see the following login page:

  2. Select Device Cloud server and sign in using your Device Cloud username and password.

  3. You should be redirect to the following page:

  4. You can click on any of the icons below, or use the menu bar to navigate to one of the other pages.

Gateway Selection

Each of these pages has a dropdown list of gateways. The currently selected gateway in that list is the gateway in your account that you are communicating with. You can select a new gateway in the dropdown at any time. Selecting a new gateway will refresh the page. The gateways in the dropdown indicate their connected/disconnected status using an icon.


You can tell which gateway is selected in one of the following ways:

  • Last 6 digits of device ID will be displayed in page title on tab (Digi-SE 000001)
  • Currently selected in Gateway dropdown (Gateway: 00409DFF-FF000001)
  • URL will usually end with gateway parameter that includes device ID (?gateway=00409DFF-FF000001)

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